Cornelica, Town of Succubi

Cornelica, Town of Succubi
Cornelica, Town of Succubi


Censorship: Yes
Developer: Dieselmine
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG RPG
Shop: DLsite


While working at a bar, the protagonist was asked to draw water. Upon picking up a mysterious stone he found there, he was whelmed by light. When he woke up, he finds himself in a country of succubi! Various types of lewd demons draw near to him. He has to store a certain amount of magic energy in order to get back to his original world! What he will eventually face would be escape, or destiny to be a sperm slave forever... His kismet all depends on your actions!

Version - 1.04 - 1004 MB

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Author: Hentai More

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  1. Rapidgator is absolute SHYTE. They're clowntards who try to bully you into a "premium" purchase through shoddy business practices like penalizing you one hour before being able to download again, if you happen to allow a captcha authorization to expire without clicking the download link. I personally CANNOT conceive of a better, more SUREFIRE way to set my mind against paying for a "premium" download.
    I hope online pirates pillage the CRAP out of your site & destroy your revenue flow for using them, as it's no less than you deserve for such idiocy.
    Have a truly excellent day.

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