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15 thoughts on "Contacts"

  1. It looks like you've misspelled the word "Millenium" on your website. I thought you would like to know :). Silly mistakes can ruin your site's credibility. I've used a tool called in the past to keep mistakes off of my website.


  2. like, honestly i see games that Look Different every time i pop on here... but i honestly would like to see whats being added! not to be mean.

  3. How often does this Site get updated? Ive been a loyal Patreon for about 5 months but i havent seen many games that have changed on here. i might stop my subscription if i cant find any new games...

  4. Hey so I went and got the Demon Lord Succubus game from RapidGator, but it wont load under the error of KAGParser.dll missing. Ive tried loading it in Locale Emulator, and in admin mode, and even with a krkrz ext ddls did not work.

  5. I have always get a message saying "You have been redirected through this website from a suspicious source. We prevented it and you are going to be redirected to our safe web site." when I tried to download something ...even though I was using the "safe web site" given by the link...... any help??

    1. Maybe you use a very new browser which is not compatible with our site. Some options have been changed to fix the problem. Everything should be normal now. Thanks for your report.

  6. Would you be interested in putting our game on your site? It's called Reclaim Reality, and you can try it in the "website" link I provided.

    If you're interested, I can send over the HTML5 zip file.

    1. Yes, the game looks nice, we have given you an email, you can send us the downloadable version if you don't mind.

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