The Reason I'm Stuck in a Hole

The Reason I'm Stuck in a Hole
The Reason I'm Stuck in a Hole


Censorship: Yes
Developer: Vitamin CCC
Language: Japanese
Genre: 2DCG Simulation
Shop: DLsite


I was playing in the park when I overheard some girls. They often came here to talk about stuff. Lots of sex talk. One time, while I was halfway climbing through a gap in a wall, the girls started talking about me. "Omigod he's so cute! I totally would do that shota, I love shotas." "I know I know!" "He looks like he's gonna cry. So cute! Ahaha..." They were pretty sadists, I thought, and then... I got an erection. That's when I realized I was stuck. Then one of the girls came over.

Version - Final - 57 MB

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