The Princess Can't Lose

The Princess Can't Lose
The Princess Can't Lose


Censorship: Yes
Developer: Avantgarde
Language: Japanese
Genre: 2DCG RPG
Shop: DLsite


Erica, who is the Princess of a small country "The Trinja Kingdom" located in the west part of Stivare peninsula, has a sense of crisis under its current circumstances. Most of city-states in the peninsula have come under the extrinsic domination of modern nations. Taking the situation as the slow death of the peninsula's power, Erica makes up her mind to get back Stivarians' dignity. Her war against the modern nation commences, for the sake of unification of Stivare peninsula! Up ahead in her party's way, however, are a number of hentai events...

Version - Final - 1770 MB

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