Re - Life in the Different World from Violate

Re - Life in the Different World from Violate
Re - Life in the Different World from Violate


Censorship: Yes
Developer: Studio Neko Kick
Language: Japanese
Genre: 2DCG RPG
Shop: DLsite


Yukine Asagiri was a girl who loved alternate worlds of fantasy. She was cosplaying as a magical girl from her favorite anime for a summit. On the way home, a repulsive nerdy fan assailed Yukine. She escaped him but was struck by a car. When she opened her eyes it wasn't at the scene or in a hospital, but in the room of a goddess, outside her own dead body. The goddess offered to give her life again. But, in exchange she needed Yukine for a most important quest. The sort of quest that Yukine had, if she weren't already dead, happily give her life to experience. She was resurrected in a fantastical world, in the slums of a city. Disoriented and thrilled, Yukine began gathering intel for her big quest... but in this seedy underbelly, all she got was raped. When the old man had done his deed Yukine lost consciousness, and woke up as fresh as when the goddess dispatched her. It made no sense, and wouldn't still for a while. She only realized later... if she was raped... she had to go back.

Version - Final - 300 MB

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