Censorship: Yes
Developer: R'lyehGame
Language: English Chinese Japanese
Genre: 2DCG Simulation
Shop: DLsite


You're an ex-adventurer who's retired from the front-lines. To make ends meet, you run a small pub in this town. Every day, you prepare food and drink before opening, and greet the many adventurers who come in with a smile. In this pub, you can meet many beautiful women. From nobles and elegant nuns, innocent and simple succubi, to tsun-dere and stubborn ladies, and even... Anyway, do everything in your power to show these girls hospitality! It can be tasty food and drink! Or pleasant and sweet words! With the most unbearable operation, and the most distinctive style, get these adventurers to work for you!

Version - Final - 198 MB

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Author: Hentai More

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