Orkis and the Succubus Sword

Orkis and the Succubus Sword
Orkis and the Succubus Sword


Censorship: Yes
Developer: MoonGlow
Language: Japanese
Genre: 2DCG RPG
Shop: DLsite


Orkis's home was suddenly attacked by the royal capital's military. She had been hiding with her sister Lelia in a cave, but soldiers had tailed them, and Lelia was captured and taken into the royal capital. The heart-broken Orkis came across the demon Cupiditas, sealed into a sword in the cave. The two joined forces, Orkis to save her sister, and Cupiditas to defeat the demon that had sealed her, and made their way to the royal capital. However, because Cupiditas was a succubus, she needed male sperm to gain power. To have access to the full extent of Cupiditas' power, men must cum. Orkis told herself that this was all for her sister, and begrudgingly began servicing men. They gradually made their way to the royal capital. The story begins here...

Version - 1.0 - 70 MB

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